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Laundry Day!

January 19th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dore’s and my new apartment doesn’t have any laundry facilities.  We tried as hard as we could to avoid doing the laundry.  We re-wore clothes (well, at least I did), we took loads to Dore’s mom’s house to wash, and we dredged deep into the back of the closet for apparel that hadn’t seen the light of day in ages (well, since we moved).  But eventually we couldn’t pack the clothes down into the hampers any more and we conceded that the battle against our dirty clothes was lost.  So yesterday Dore and I went out to the laundromat to process the massive pile.

I was dreading this day.  I’ve never been to a laundromat before (not counting the ones I’ve dropped off clothes at in Europe).  I was expecting the worst: lots of people, no free machines, expensive, and exhausting.  So I did the due diligence thing and looked for the best reviews online.  Well, turns out that was a bust.  Apparently posting reviews of your laundromat is not exactly a popular activity.  Who knew?  Well, strike that idea.  We went to the closest place.

Well, short story short I was actually pleasantly surprised by what we found.  The Bubbles and Beans laundromat was only about half full.  We quickly found machines to use, split up the laundry and let it rip.  We filled up four whole washers (and probably overloaded those…).  Once everything was in and washing, we went across the street to McConnell’s Ice Cream and got a snack to cool off.  We headed back just in time to catch the end of the wash cycle.  I tossed the clothes in the huge dryers and get them started.  Dore and I sat down and did a bit of homework while we waited.

After a very brief 40 minutes the clothes were bone dry.  I couldn’t believe it.  I expected at least an hour.  I think that 30 minutes probably would have been more than enough.  We attacked the huge warm pile and in just a few minutes had everything folded up.

We loaded up the car with all of the clothes and headed to the store to pick up stuff for gumbo.  Total time: about 2 hours 15 minutes.  Total cost: $13.25.  That’s way less than I was expecting.  Hooray!  I’m not dreading the next time nearly as much.  I might even enjoy it.

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