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Bathroom Still Life

January 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I noticed this evening that the garbage can in the bathroom was filled up in a very aesthetic manner.  (How many times do you get to say something like that?)  I grabbed the camera and tested out a new lighting technique I learned about.  The technique is to fire the flash up and behind you so that it gives the effect of a large soft-box over your shoulder.  This throws a very nice, even light over the subject, giving lovely creamy texture and very soft shadows.

So anyway, here are the pictures:


Bathroom Trash Still Life

I like the clean lines on this, the composition, and the very soft lighting. See what I mean about everything being arranged very well?  This is as I found it.

Unfortunately I feel like this composition might be just a little too static with the shadow placed where it is. I wonder if this would have been better to frame this so that the subject was on the right with the shadow butting up with the edge of the frame.  That would probably have added a bit of subconscious dynamic to the image and made it more compelling.

Napkin Iceberg at Sunset

Napkin Iceberg at Sunset

I love how a closeup of the napkin in front totally isolates the subject without being boring.  When I look at this I imagine an iceberg floating off an icy coast with a firey sunset behind.

Toilet Paper Roll Composition

Toilet Paper Roll Composition

This one was cropped way in, and the crop was actually automatically suggested by Picasa.  (Which was pretty cool to see, by the way.)  The original crop was too cluttered and didn’t have a clear message. I really like how this view’s smooth lines define the space in just a few elements.

For all photos: I adjusted the white balance in raw mode before exporting.  They were a bit yellow due to ambient light and bouncing the flash off of the bathroom’s light yellow walls.

Anyway, hope you liked my bathroom.  Now it’s time to take out the trash….

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