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Weekend In SLO

Dore and I spent the weekend up at her mom’s house in Los Osos.  On Saturday we went shopping in San Luis Obispo.  I needed some new pants, so we hit up Gottschalks first.  I found a nice comfortable pair of jeans that were on decent sale and a really nice shirt that was 70% off.  (Of course, retail on the shirt was ridiculous, so in the end it was just a decent price.  But it does look really nice, so I’m happy.)

After Gottschalks we headed over to BevMo to check it out.  We had never been in one, and were interested.  For those not in the know, BevMo is a beverage outlet store.  And by beverage I mean booze.  And root beer.  We weren’t meaning to buy anything, but they had some great selections.  We found:

  • Moose Drool (from Missoula, Montana!)
  • Franziskaner Dunkel Weissbier (my absolute favorite beer during the time Eric and I spent in Europe)
  • A host of Belgian selections

We ended up getting about seven different bottles of Belgian ale.  But we are planning on having a Belgian beer fest at our place next weekend, so technically we were just getting party supplies. 🙂

After BevMo we went next door to Costco to pick up some samples to tide us over until we could find some real food.  We didn’t really see anything there that interested us (although we had a lovely tomato soup that I’ll look for next time) so we headed out.  We decided that we really did want some Belgian beers, so we went downtown and hit up our new favorite restaurant: Bel Frites.  They serve two things: Belgian beer and Belgian-style fries (with dipping sauces).  They are both excellent.

Our hunger and thirst satisfied, Dore and I walk around downtown to settle everthing.  We headed over to Ross, where I managed to find another pair of jeans and a couple of pairs of nice dressy shoes.  I desparately needed something nicer than my dirty old tennis shoes to wear to work, so I was glad to find these ones.

We finally hit our shopping limit and headed back to Dore’s mom’s house to make spaghetti for dinner and wind down.

Sunday we went downtown again and walked around, but we didn’t really do too much.  We headed home in the afternoon and made an awesome chinese food dinner from Trader Joes — home of the best frozen food aisle on the planet.

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