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The New Site

So I’ve done it.  I finally got my act together and registered for a domain name (lavering.net) and got hosting for my “soon to be awesome” web site.  Okay, who am I kidding?  This web site will probably never be all that important in the grand scheme of things.  But I am happy with the fact that I finally got the family name registered. But let me back up a bit…

I’ve been thinking of setting up a web site for myself for some time, and now that I have some expendable income and this shiny new project to be creative, I figured it was high time to get going.  So I searched around for a bit trying to nail down what I would need.  As it turned out, my choice wasn’t that difficult: I needed a host that would allow me some flexibility in what software I installed (since I plan to use the Django framework for at least some of my stuff), and I really wanted shell access.  I’m a sucker for banging away at a terminal.

Oh, and I wanted it to be relatively cheap.  I’m not planning on making any money on this venture.  (Hoping, yes.  Planning, no.)

My searching brought me to DreamHost, which seemed to have everything I wanted at a pretty reasonable price.  Nine dollars a month?  I can swing that.  It’s a bit more than some of the other places, but it has the features I want.  Plus one of my friends at work whom I trust about such things uses them and says they’re pretty good.

So after work I signed up and played around with the site controls a bit.  Everything so far seems pretty easy and straightforward.  I was able to install the WordPress software without any trouble, and got my blog stuff moved over.  It does seem that I can only have one blog, so I may have to merge my two blogs together at some point.  Or rather, since this one only has a couple of entries, import the Thinking Points blog and then recreate these posts.  But it’s late and that’s a job for another day.

So yeah, all in all not too exciting, but I did do something I’ve never done today.  I’ll call it a success.

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