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Beware the Mango

[Note: Just a quick post today.  I’ve got more on the way, so stay tuned…]

Here’s a fun fact that you might not know: mangoes are from the same family of plants as poison ivy / oak / sumac. [Source] And it turns out that “the sap of the mango tree and skin of mangoes has a chemical compound similar to urushiol.”  (For the non-botanists among us, urushiol is the “poison” part of poison ivy.)

Of course, I didn’t find this out from Wikipedia.  Oh no.  I found this out after having a mysterious recurring rash for the past couple of weeks.  It wasn’t until Dore applied her uncanny ability to ask clever questions and magical research skills that we found out that the culprit was non other than the delicious desserts we’d been having!


I’m certainly glad that mystery is solved.  Now I can go back to eating mangoes, but this time I’ll be more careful to avoid the nasty bits.

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